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Air-Medics is a leading provider of indoor air quality (IAQ) services in the Ottawa-Hull area.  In business since 1988, Air-Medics delivers unparalleled consulting, education, and indoor air quality assurance services and programs for residential, commercial and institutional clients.

From IAQ testing to duct and chimney cleaning, mould and hazardous waste removal, preventative maintenance and public education programs and more, Air-Medics’ services, programs, and products are geared to improving your health through indoor air quality.

Setting the Standard

Air-Medics is a proud member of KESCA and Air Advocates, both non-profit associations in support of the environment and indoor air quality.  Both offer support for business as well as training courses for certification and preventative maintenance programs.

We started this business with the intention of making a difference in the quality of the air we breathe indoors.  After all, the average person spends from 65-90% of his or her time indoors.  This is why our work is based on substantial research into indoor air quality issues and technical standards.  At Air-Medics, we are aware of the latest IAQ technologies and systems, we use state-of-the-art tools and processes and adhere to-indeed set a new industry benchmark for the highest technical standards.

Our fully trained service staff follow strict standards, respecting all labour codes to ensure clean, healthy, energy efficient and fire preventative services.  Call us today to make an appointment.  We have flexible working hours to accommodate your needs.

As main and sub-contractors, we've not only worked for every type of business, but with every related trade organization and business.  We know the IAQ industry, and are committed to maintaining a strong standing within it.

In addition, Air-Medics is committed to developing, promoting and lobbying for IAQ standards in Canada, and around the world through our many public education programs.  We are also committed to community health issues, adherence to fair business practices and standards, and, in fact, are a "green" non-exploitative enterprise.


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Notice the Difference:

  1. Professional IAQ experience since 1988
  2. Fully trained and courteous service staff
  3. Standard work ethic to follow all Labour and IAQ codes
  4. Fully licensed, insured and accredited
  5. Flexible and off-hour working schedule
  6. Licensed to transport hazardous waste
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