Preventative Maintenance Programs

Air-Medics provides several services directed at providing the client with as much support to maintain indoor air quality as possible. 

Most common IAQ problems can be prevented with good maintenance practices.  As part of our standard practices, Air-Medics: upgrade filters, cleans coils and blowers regularly, and encapsulates insulated surfaces that may be exposed or damaged or removed if it contains contaminants.  In addition, we check fresh air intake for waste and debris, as pigeons often like to nest in these areas.

Any preventative maintenance service has a payback ratio.  With preventative maintenance services such as ours, you will notice reduced hydro consumption and reduced equipment and system repair bills.  The benefits, in turn pay for the cost of cleaning.   Cleaning and preventative maintenance also saves on health related costs by a reduction in of leave of absence due to seasonal allergies and illness.  You are cleaning your air so it stands to reason that over a period of time, you would see an increase in productivity.  Preventative maintenance is much more beneficial than you may have thought.

Energy Conservation Services

Air Medics is currently conducting preliminary research on the impact of indoor and outdoor air quality on health issues through various programs.  We are committed to using the information gathered through these projects to increase the public awareness of indoor air quality issues, and press for new or updated national standards and regulations.  Of these issues the most significant is that of your health and, supporting the energy conservation of each individual client we deal with.

The main goal is to improve the indoor air quality in each of our client's establishment to provide a better and safer living and/or working environment.  This effort reduces odours that may be offensive to you, potential visitors or customers and presents an image of cleanliness and efficient management.  Proper cleaning and extended maintenance programs will reduce electrical consumption significantly and save the costs of expensive replacement of components that wear out prematurely.

With an increase in the overall efficiency of the ventilation or exhaust system, heating or cooling requirements will be reduced; fire risks will be lowered; and ceiling tile fire rating will be maintained.  In addition, the standards required by health inspectors will be attained and maintained for extended periods.

Building Audits/Surveys

Our building audits conform to ASHRAE standards.  The audit consists of walk-through inspection to view the condition of building and its operation.  We check for mould (fungus), asbestos and any other potential maintenance problems in the ventilation ducts, return air plenum (ceiling space).  We also check for: heat, air conditioning and refrigeration systems malfunctioning; properly balanced, ceilings, walls, kitchen exhausts systems, as well as the condition of insulation, even electrical for re-lamping purposes, and for PCB transformers and tubes as it applies to commercial or residential.  Residential may take in how many trees are on the property or the grade to foundation as required.

This preventative maintenance program is documented by "before and after pictures" to help you ensure that the work has been completed.  We also provide questionnaires for building owners, managers and/or employees to fill out.  We ask for detailed descriptions of your building's characteristics, and your home and work environment for our testing purposes and your records.

Filter Maintenance Program

A filter maintenance program consists of replacing filters when pressure drop warrants replacement, with a complete cleaning of the return air ducts, housings, coils and blowers.  This also includes repairing and encapsulating insulation or even replacement.  This service is performed on an annual basis, with the exception of coils, which are cleaned twice a year.

Note 1 - Filter Replacement

When Air-Medics replaces existing filters with new ones, we use the best quality of filters available.  These filters are most efficient as well as capable of capturing and eliminating potential hazards.  This will greatly improve indoor air quality.  The filters will be replaced every three months, depending on conditions.  Some people are sensitive to the use of biocides, so the intercept filter may not be suitable for all applications.  In this case, Air-Medics will provide another high quality filter to replace the existing ones.

Note 2 - Guidelines On Air Filtration For ACMZ Systems

In accordance with the Ministry of Environment's (ENV) guidelines for Good Indoor Air Quality In Office Premises, 1996 Ed.  Outdoor air ventilation and indoor air that is to be circulated should be filtered for particles.  The minimum resistance efficiency for the air filter for cleaning outdoor and indoor air should be 60% and 80%, respectively Filters should be cleaned or replaced so that they are performing properly at all times and do not become blocked.  Sources: National Air Filtration Association (NAFA), Ministry of the Environment (ENV)

Note 3 - Superior Electrostatic Air Filtration

Improved indoor air quality.  Reduced Maintenance on air conditioning systems: Air Handling Unit (AHU), Package Unit (PAC), Fan Coil Unit (FCU) and Air Ducts.  Superior Dust Arresting Capability 93% average.     Click to view relative particle size chart


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