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Indoor Air Pollution

How it might be more dangerous than you think

Ever become alarmed by news about environmental pollution?  The awful and seeming irresolvable affects of the damaged ozone layer?  Toxic industrial emissions?  Water pollution?  Asbestos and lead poisoning?  Ever put your head out of the car window on the freeway on a muggy day and inhaled exhaust fumes and wondered how any of us can complete out commutes alive?

Chances are, if you’re like most North Americans, you’ve done this at least a few times.  And chances are, you’ve either thought yourself lucky that you don’t live in a more polluted city, or that you won’t be around for the truly horrendous stuff to kick in, or that you don’t usually take the freeway.

Then you’ve changed to another thought, or another lane.  When it comes to issues about pollution, most people have simply given up caring, simply because they have rationalized the issues, or decided there’s nothing they can do about it.

But ... what if there was a pollution issue you could do something about-and, moreover, you knew that you were surrounded by it, and that it was greatly impacting the health and productivity of the people around you?

What if there was an air pollution issue that was more pressing than the ones in the news-the distant possibilities?  And what if no one, or not too many people, even know about it?  Too far fetched?  I would like to tell you that such an issue does exist, and not only that, you are probably already a victim of it, and do not even know it.  The issue is indoor air pollution-yes, dangerous or toxic levels of substances in the very air you breathe in daily, and usually don’t think twice about.

The sad fact is, the quality of indoor air in most residences, and institutional buildings, where people spend 60-90% of their time, is often loaded with dangerous, or near dangerous substances.  And often these cause or contribute to mild or not so mild problems, and no thinks to attribute it to the air.  Doctors today agree that it is we ourselves who have created many of the so-called "diseases of the twenty-first century".  Prolonged exposure to low levels of various substances may contribute to sensitivities in people, which may be debilitating or at least impair their ability to function in a work place.

Ever had headaches, or skin problems, or inability to concentrate at work?  An unusual number of colds or flues, or lung related problems?  It could very well be the air you’re breathing.

Toxins from telephone books, carpets, furniture, animal dander, exhaust fumes, building materials, cleaning materials-hundreds of possible sources of pollutions exist, and they are polluting your indoor air right now.  And the reason no one bothers - until it is blatantly obvious - is that the concentration is not strong enough to resemble a whiff of Javex.  But what about the fact that you may be breathing in "diluted" pollution hours on end, day in day out, and even at night, in your own home?


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