StrongPoint Adventures

Strongpoint is a community building business aimed at developing self-confidence and leadership skills as well as focusing the power of group coordination.

Our events and projects are created to foster unity, as well as to promote our people as well as the Kesca and Air Advocates organizations.

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Name: Amanda Illustrator
Location: United Kingdom
Niche: Artist/Illustration
Air-Medics Credits: New Team Member
Name: BeeBee
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Niche: Artist/Illustration
Air-Medics Credits: AMWPT Comics
Name: Razxion
Location: Minnesota, USA
Niche: Artist/Illustration
Air-Medics Credits: AMWPT Comics, Miss August (voice)
Name: the Watters Brothers
Location: Ottawa, CANADA
Niche: Brothers/Musicians/the Watters Brothers
Air-Medics Credits: AMWPT Show Music,
AMWPT Air Band Music videos

The Proposed Park

The adventure park will offer a full range of services that cater to paying guests with food, accommodations, and entertainment. Some of these services will include a pancake house, roasting barn, cabin rentals, tent city with a quiet campground and live country and rock music.

We have events for all demographics! StrongPoint will want to utilize the various co-op and volunteer programs in local communities.

Our main priority is to set out to promote better indoor air quality for all, and a healthier environment to promote a greener future. This is now a major global issue, and with sponsorship, we can create a better tomorrow for the youth of our society through the preservation of all air quality, and the education of the general public.

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