KESCA is a registered non-profit association created to provide assurance for the industry that work is being performed to standards. This system has developed from just simple kitchen exhaust system cleaning to an overall preventive maintenance program.

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KESCA goals are to have all cleaning companies become licensed members and to certify all food service related facilities once they are cleaned to
NFPA 96 standards.

KESCA members and clients alike deserve the peace of mind that comes with a program aimed at fire prevention and total preventive maintenance for a healthier environment.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Programs


There are over 86,000 restaurants available to the public in Canada with
only approximately 101 restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaners listed in the yellow pages.

KESCA Sell sheet pdf  KESCA Sell sheet.pdf Energy Conservation pdf  Energy Conservation.pdf

Our goal is to clean every food service industry at least once a year and inspected twice a year by an authorized Kesca member.

Food Establishment
Restaurant Proposals

Certification is an investment in your business and
assurance for
health and safety
for staff and patrons.

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