Robotic Video inspection of all duct and ventilation systems

We have designed and patended our own Robotic Video Inspection Unit to inspect and pressure clean those hard to reach places.

Public Education

When it comes to the air we breathe, Air-Medics care about the environment and about health and safety.  We are members of KESCA and Air Advocates and will attend functions to speak about the issues or develop presentations upon request.  We have developed various courses for training and certification in the areas of air quality and cleaning which is available to individuals and businesses.  Air-Medics has compiled 20 years of research to pass on and continues to survey and research.


Air-Medics offers a variety of customized courses to suit your every need.  Whether you are an individual concerned about air quality, an IAQ professional, a company or institution, or even a lawyer, we can support and enhance your IAQ education, with individual or group courses.  Air-Medics offers courses on the following subjects.

  • Duct cleaning industry-the basics
  • Residential duct cleaning
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Restaurant cleaning
  • Pigeon waste removal
  • Lead removal
  • Induction unit maintenance
  • VAV boxes maintenance manual
  • Confined spaces manual
  • Ropes courses manual
  • Respirator protection manual
  • Survey and inspection manuals recommended
  • Marketing methods for residential
  • Marketing methods
  • Implementing friendly challenges
  • Damage prevention
  • Reading blue prints and safety issues
  • Manufacturer recommendations
  • Fire prevention course
  • Health inspectors prevention course
  • Industry specific maintenance manuals
  • Mold management
  • Asbestos management plan
  • Master specs
  • Robot operations manuals
  • HAZMAT training
  • Environmental Engineers IAQ course
  • A/C Heating unit students and contractors
  • Hospital inspection program
  • Business plan to obtain financial assistance
  • Site specific safety plan
  • Tool decontamination procedures
  • Proper decontamination methods
  • How to conduct a Detailed Survey and Samples



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Many Reasons for IAQ:

  1. Better, safer working and living environment
  2. Improved indoor air quality, appearance and productivity
  3. Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  4. Increases overall efficiency of equipment
  5. Meet health inspection standards
  6. Reduce odours and risk of fire
  7. Maintain fire rating and life of ceiling tiles
Man in Shaft Shaft before cleaningShaft after Cleaning