Are illnesses related to indoor air quality a basis for workers’ compensation claims?

Employees who believe they may have been made ill by their working environment must report their situation to their employer.  Employers, in turn, are required to report the situation to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier, self-insurance administrator, or self-insurance department.  It is not the employer’s responsibility to determine whether the claim is "justified  or not.  Employers are required to report promptly all claims made by employees.  An employer’s failure to report a claim made by an employee may incur heavy fines to the employer.Back

Who determines whether the indoor air quality workers’ compensation claim is valid?

The claims administrator.  In most provinces or states, it is the employees responsibility to show a connection between their work environment and the illness they believe it has caused.  In other words, the burden of proof rests with the employees in their dealings with the claims administrator.Back

What should employees do when they believe the indoor air is causing them health problems?

Seek medical attention.  If there is a connection between their medical condition and the indoor air in the workplace, the medical provider will need to explain to the claims administrator the link between the working environment and the employees’ medical condition.  If the claim is denied, employees have the right to appeal the decision through the proper channels.Back

Does homeowners’ insurance cover indoor air quality in a private residence?

The air inside a building is rarely insured.  Poor indoor air quality, however, is usually the result of a structural or mechanical failure in the building.  It is important to understand why the air inside a structure is contaminated and what the source of the contamination is.  Often the source of the contamination is covered by insurance.  But until all the facts are known (e.g. Is there a contaminant?  What is it?  Where is it coming from?), a clear determination of insurance coverage cannot be made.Back

Can you help answer a question for me?

Our links section will provide you with many reference links to answer almost any question.  We would appreciate your comments and question and suggest that it is better to be informed.  Having said that, Air-Medics will do our best to answer any question.Back



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