What is IAQ?

Surprising as it may sound, a lot of individuals, organizations, business, and institutions do not know what IAQ or "Indoor Air Quality" is, or the crucial role it plays in the health and productivity of the inhabitants of a building or home.  Indoor Air Quality is exactly what it sounds like the quality of the air we breath indoors and the same ideas that we accept about outdoor air quality and environmental/air pollution apply to IAQ, only more so, because most of us spend more time indoors than outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is indoor air quality really an issue or problem?
  2. What kinds of pollutants are in the air inside of buildings?
  3. How serious is it?
  4. Doesn't the air conditioning system filter and purify the air inside buildings?
  5. How can they harm people?
  6. How can I tell if there are indoor air pollutants
  7. What can be done about it?
  8. Is this problem growing?
  9. How can I tell if the building is making me sick?
  10. What kind of illnesses can I get from a building?
  11. Why has so much attention been focused on schools?
  12. How did our school facilities get in such poor condition?
  13. Can’t we solve the problem with better air conditioning, filtering and decontaminating equipment?
  14. How can we prevent the problem from developing in the first place?
  15. Just what is "good" indoor air quality?
  16. I have been working in what has been described as a sick building.  Have I been permanently harmed?
  17. What chemicals should I be alerted to?
  18. Is all mould harmful to humans?
  19. I have heard that Stachybotrys is the really dangerous "killer" mould.  What is it?
  20. I can see what looks like black mould growing in my child's classroom.  Is it Stachybotrys?
  21. What are the clues that it might be Stachybotrys?
  22. We have a report that shows the air to be "acceptable", but Stachybotrys was identified as growing on surfaces and behind wall coverings.  Is it O.K.?
  23. How do I know what indoor air pollutant is bothering me?
  24. Is there any "warning signs" that indoor air problems are developing?
  25. Do you have courses about indoor air quality?
  26. Can’t the problem be fixed using things like decontaminates, filters, ultraviolet lights, and air purifiers?
  27. Are illnesses related to indoor air quality a basis for workers compensation claims?
  28. Who determines the validity of the indoor air quality workers compensation claim?
  29. What should employees do when they believe that indoor air is causing them health problems?
  30. Does homeowners’ insurance cover indoor air quality in a private residence?



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Many Reasons for IAQ:

  1. Better, safer working and living environment
  2. Improved indoor air quality, appearance and productivity
  3. Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  4. Increases overall efficiency of equipment
  5. Meet health inspection standards
  6. Reduce odours and risk of fire
  7. Maintain fire rating and life of ceiling tiles
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