I just started to publish papers concerning the indoor air quality industry

Hi every one I been writing about my industry and past experiences. Hope this help people to understand. We have been neglecting preventative maintenance for years. It is time to implement the PM code to compliment the building and fire code. This will cover many topics that have caused many issues concerning the life of materials being used. We have many issues caused by conditioned air; the acoustical lining is a breading ground for many life forms as well as a collection of heavy metals and other harmful building materials. No body recognizes the play on words. It happens constantly; when you purchase a new home the flyers use words like “should” when they are talking about the ventilation system. That word should open people’s eyes.




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Medicating the masses By Rob Sweet

Do you remember when Aspirin used to cure all? What ever happened? Did the medical industry lose site of the purpose of medicating the masses? It seems that the medical industry is more for profit than the actual cure. Have you seen the wide variety of assortment that has replaced Aspirin? We have drugs now for almost every occasion, whether it’s for daytime, nighttime, indoors or outdoors. Have you noticed that most of it vanishes common health problems? Either disappearing or basically just getting worse with more Asthma, flues, and a chronic cough? With all the depressed people we see, do you see or hear of many that have been cured and have no need for the medication any more?

How many health problems do you see needing to be medicated for very long periods of time? Why does it not eliminate the problem? Since it doesn’t eliminate the problem, why medicate it? Can we not find natural ways of treating these problems?

I think the problem and solution is in the air. Would you not agree? Are most viruses contracted through contact or air? If it is in the air and we spend over 90% of our lives indoors. I think it’s about time we find the sources for these problems and remove them. It’s all about the cleaning practices performed. Would you think of the ventilation system as the lungs of the building? If so, it would start with filtering the air, cleaning and maintence practices. The most common problem is that most people do not know or make a choice not to do anything about it. Not enough is done to inform the public of the potential problems. I have seen one of the industries that would make a large difference with our health being discredited by other industries and even government departments, while other government departments spend thousands of dollars. This industry I am talking about is the duct cleaning industry. Sure I agree there is many dishonest people in business today not only duct cleanings. I can go into detail as to how many different industries mislead the public. I believe that the solution will be with combination of industries.

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The Air-Medics World Police members Jonny Hazzard and Doc Madison entered a  Demolition Derby event in the nations’ capital area. They thrilled the crowds with their antics and firey crashes.


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A successful Clean Air Day. June 9, 2011

Our ad appeared in the June 8 CLEAN AIR DAY METRO TABLOID in Ottawa

This Spring Air-Medics will be delivering a complete series of bookmarks door to door in the Greater Ottawa area. For all the details on Air-Medics Services please visit the Air-Medics page on our Blog.

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FOLLOW UP REPORT Property problems with NCC land 02

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Flash Mob – Notification & Registration

I would like all the attendees to first watch the Air Medics World Police Team Show videos to get an idea of what we are looking for to support The Clean Air Party. 

Air-medics is the first of its kind breaking ground for this important industry.  Air-Medics has developed a system to protect the masses through a series of course to prevent lose of life and damage to property.  Should these courses not be mandatory?

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How to Find and Get Rid of Black Mold

by Deborah Lawwill

If you’re like most people, then chances are you don’t think much about the air your breathe when you’re out and about, running errands, going about your daily routine. Breathing is something that humans can do naturally, without even a second thought. So who bothers to think about the air that they breathe?

Well, you should! Did you know that many public buildings inadequately maintain their buildings? Part of properly maintaining a building involves cleaning the gunk out of ducts, air vents, and ceilings. Improperly maintained ducts can allow contaminated air particles into the air which make people sick.

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The Privilege of Living in the Green Belt on NCC Managed Property

Written by Deborah Lawwill

This is a summary of the events discussed in the Ottawa Sun article “Raising a Big Stink“.

You cannot own property in the Green Belt but you can lease it. The NCC owns the property that you would be leasing. Imagine: Dealing with all of the problems of low-quality urban living – pests, septic issues, decay, and property neglect – but living with them in a nice-looking, supposedly middle class suburban neighborhood and having absolutely no recourse for your troubles. Oh, and did I mention that you have to make at least $40K a year to qualify for this luxury housing?

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