IAQ Experience since 1988

Our experience includes government, institutional, residential, and small business clients.  As main and sub-contractors, we've not only worked for every type of business, but with every related trade organization and business.  We know the IAQ industry, and are committed to maintaining a strong standing within it.

Recognized Expertise

Air-Medics is a recognized expert in the industry and community.  For example, we were invited to co-develop an IAQ course with Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada.  We have been involved in projects that have won international awards for IAQ (Loeb Building, Carleton University HVAC System Retrofit Project), and our stories and articles are regularly published in business magazines and community newspapers.

Scientific Approach

When it comes to IAQ, we are not in the “power of suggestion” business.  Our services and process are based on science and research.  We know what we are doing and why, and our results are predictable, measurable, and, most importantly, breathable!

Setting the Standard

We start with testing - a complete end-to-end diagnosis of each environment - all the contamination sources you might have suspected, and many things you might not have thought about.  This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with the air quality pollutants and the issues discovered, after which we re-test the air, make adjustments until we are satisfied, then create a maintenance program to help ensure that you keep your air within acceptable standards.

Professionally Trained and Qualified Staff

Our people know about air quality, and are good at their jobs because we have trained them to work independently, and as part of a team.  You'll notice the difference in everything from attitude, to speed, to thoroughness, and even the post service clean up and waste removal.

Adherence to Labour Codes & Health Regulations

When it comes to health and safety, we know the regulations, and the best practices and we follow them scrupulously.  No short cuts - Period. 

Professional Training, Permits, and Reputation

Air-medics is in good standing with all commercail instutional and residentail customers and fully qualified to perform all of its services, from testing, to cleaning, to removing hazardous waste.  In addition, we have the permits required to remove and transport hazardous materials like asbestos from your site.


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Notice the Difference:

  1. Professional IAQ experience since 1988
  2. Fully trained and courteous service staff
  3. Standard work ethic to follow all Labour and IAQ codes
  4. Fully licensed, insured and accredited
  5. Flexible and off-hour working schedule
  6. Licensed to transport hazardous waste
Man in Shaft Shaft before cleaningShaft after Cleaning