Residential Services

In addition to the services listed below, we perform hazardous waste detection, removal and disposal.  Hazardous waste includes asbestos siding, tiles and insulation used around heating ducts, boilers and hot water tanks. It also includes mould, lead paint, pigeon waste, animal excrement or remains and more.  Please visit our sections on Hazardous Waste , Preventative Maintenance, and the other links provided for more information on services.

Ventilation Air Duct Cleaning

The process is simple and is basically initiated by the connection of a high-pressure H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum to the duct creating a negative airflow throughout the system.  All air supply grills are cleaned inside and out using a portable vacuum, then sealing them to facilitate the cleaning of the inside of the duct itself.  Compressed air is blown into the duct at intervals starting at the top and working down to the main vacuum connection.  In some cases, access holes may have to be drilled to facilitate this process.  These holes are plugged and sealed after use.  Brushes and skipper balls will also be used where necessary.

Depending on the condition of the ventilation system, it may be necessary to install access doors to facilitate cleaning of the ducts by employing brushes.  In all cases where access to the ducts is required, access doors are installed or access patches are replaced.

Dryer Vent, Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

When cleaning the ventilation system, you may want you bathroom exhaust and kitchen exhaust checked and cleaned.  It is not unusual to remove a birds nest or other debris that may be blocking a vent or exhaust.  Dryer lint build up is a fire hazard and we can clean that too.  The dryer duct is usually screened at the end to prevent birds from entering but also collects lint.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning

Air Medics offers an economic method of cleaning and sanitizing ceiling and walls, and restoring your fire rating and acoustical values.  Painting of ceiling tiles lowers fire rating and reduces the acoustical value.  Our cleaning method removes nicotine, smoke, mildew, grease, stains and dirt and is proven to be more cost-effective than re-painting or replacing ceiling tiles.  Our ceiling cleaning formula works by decomposing organic soil through a catalytic chemical reaction, which continues as long as the surface remains moist.  This formula is a biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable agent.  The solution is safe for use around most carpets, draperies and upholstered furniture.

Heating and Air Conditioning Coil Maintenance

Servicing coils can be a delicate task.  It is critical to protect the area from water damages.  Air-Medics ensures proper protection by either covering all openings and electrical components with plastic or drop sheets.  We then use high-pressure washer and a special compound soap to remove dust, pollen, grease and fungus buildup.


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Many Reasons for IAQ:

  1. Better, safer working and living environment
  2. Improved indoor air quality, appearance and productivity
  3. Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  4. Increases overall efficiency of equipment
  5. Meet health inspection standards
  6. Reduce odours and risk of fire
  7. Maintain fire rating and life of ceiling tiles
Man in Shaft Shaft before cleaningShaft after Cleaning