IAQ Testing, Sampling and Consultation

Over and above general air quality tests, Air-Medics is able to perform a wide variety of special tests, depending on the specific type of problems experienced in the site/environment.  Typical issues, determined by detailed questions and preliminary examination, may include mould and fungus growth in ductwork and humidifiers, toxic gasses, refrigerator drip pans, air conditioners, induction units, windows and bathrooms.

Initial Site Inspection

To identify the possible sources of contaminants and possible problems in the ventilation systems, an initial building audit is conducted.  This audit consists of a walk-through inspection to check the condition of the ventilation ducts, return air plenum (ceiling space), heating, air conditioning, refrigeration systems, ceilings, walls, system air balance, asbestos and other insulation conditions and kitchen exhausts.  A detailed report is compiled of areas requiring immediate attention and those that are in need of preventative maintenance.

Testing and Consulting

A complete end-to-end diagnosis of all environments is conducted utilizing a variety of tests.  These tests provide measurable results for moulds; toxins; particle sizes; gasses; airborne life forms; types and content of dust; and space ratio for air volume.  Generally the testing is used to identify all contamination sources the client might have suspected, and many things that have not been considered. 

Testing is followed by consultation with the client and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan to deal with the air quality pollutants and discovered issues.  Air tests are repeated following implementation of the treatment plan and adjustments are made until both the client and the Air Medics team are satisfied. A maintenance program is created to help ensure that the client can keep the indoor air quality within acceptable standards.

As a recognized expert in Indoor Air Quality, Air-Medics is often called upon to work in an advisory or consultative capacity.  Whether it relates to testing, project planning, site audits, or developing Safe Air Standards or custom maintenance or training programs, we can assist.  Consider the scope of our expertise, then contact us for free discovery session to see if and how we may be able to work together.

Robotic Video Inspection

Unlike our competition, which may avoid awkward spots or does not look or think closely about what is in those mazes of ducts, Air-Medics has designed and patented robotic devices to inspect and pressure clean inaccessible areas of ventilation and exhaust systems.  Our robot's video capability is an effective tool for identifying problem areas that are not normally accessible providing Air-Medics an unequalled ability to fully inspect all systems that affect indoor air quality.  In addition, a robot is also employed in the cleaning process to reach the more difficult places within the system or to reduce the requirement for additional access points.


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